We started........

Your safety and comfort is our top priority.
image .....in Ojai 18 years ago. Our first carriages were purchased from Morgan Carriage Works in Oak View, California. Morgan Carriage Works is acclaimed to be the premier carriage builder and restoration company west of the Mississippi. John Morgan, the family patriarch, taught us a great deal about carriage construction and safety. Most designs and all technology dates back hundreds of years so we learned how important it is to stay on top of simple maintenance schedules. Our carriages and sleighs are maintained to meet the highest safety requirements in our industry.

We are focussed on every detail that goes into creating distinctive, memorable events that will bring smiles and joy to all participants. We work with a number of local and regional event planners who bring creative ideas and experience into the mix. With proper lead time, we can work to meet nearly every, "realistic" request you can bring to us.

We have delivered on a few "unrealistic" ones, TOO!